Call for Blog Post Submissions

The IEEE ComSoc Techblog is actively seeking guest written articles that describe research projects related to telecommunications and networking. Those projects may be done by universities, industry or government sponsored research labs. They might also be a collaborative effort of academia and industry.
Research projects in the following areas are of special interest:

  • Open Networking, Virtual Network Functions, Network Virtualization
  • Systems Integration and Tech Support of Open Hardware/Open Software
  • Realizing ultra low latency and/or ultra high reliability for 5G/IMT 2020 cellular networks
  • Private LTE/5G vs IEEE 802.11ax (WiFi 6) performance comparison
  • Security and Privacy for 5G and WiFi 6 Networks
  • Massive MIMO and its use in 5G
  • Overcoming Millimeter Wave limitations, e.g. line of sight communications
  • Advances in Fiber Optic transmission speed/distance or number of DWDM/CWDM channels per fiber
  • LPWANs for the Internet of Things, especially internetworking of different LPWANs
  • Interoperability and Network-to-Network Interface for SD-WANs
  • Open RAN system with network equipment and software from multiple vendors
  • Data Center Networking, especially Data Center Interconnect (DCI) technologies
  • Applications of Edge Computing in Telecom networks (wireless and wireline)
  • Survey of Cloud Network Access alternatives (wireless and wireline)
  • Communications for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Use and applications of AI/ML in telecommunications networks

Here is an example of a Techblog research project article that has been very popular:
Empowering Low-Power Wide-Area Networks to Meet the IoT Challenge

Please submit an outline and abstract of your proposed guest article via email to