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ITU-R Reports in Progress: International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) including IMT 2020

Working documents toward  preliminary draft new ITU-R reports from WP5D: M.[IMT.MULTIMEDIA] – Capabilities of the terrestrial component of IMT-2020 for multimedia communications M.[IMT.INDUSTRY] –  Addresses the usage, technical and operational aspects and capabilities of IMT for meeting specific needs of societal, industrial and enterprise usages. M.[IMT.AAS] – Measurements and mathematical modelling of Advanced Antenna Systems… Read more

ETSI DECT-2020 approved by ITU-R WP5D for next revision of ITU-R M.2150 (IMT 2020)

ETSI DECT-2020 NR, the world’s first non-cellular 5G technology standard, will be included in the next revision of ITU-R M.2150, aka IMT-2020 technology recommendation as per the conclusion of ITU-R WP 5D’s 39th (virtual) meeting on Oct 15, 2021. [Separately, Nufront’s IMT 2020 RIT submission has been withdrawn for consideration in the next M.2150 revision,… Read more

IMT 2020.SPECS approved by ITU-R but may not meet 5G performance requirements; no 5G frequencies (revision of M.1036); 5G non-radio aspects not included

ITU-R Approves IMT 2020.SPECS: At it’s November 23rd meeting, ITU-R SG 5 approved WP5D’s draft recommendation IMT 2020.SPECS which is the first official 5G RAN standard. The document contains the description and implementation details for three new technologies that conform with the International Mobile Telecommunications 2020 (IMT-2020) vision, but this author (and others) do not… Read more

5G Specifications (3GPP), 5G Radio Standard (IMT 2020) and Standard Essential Patents

by Yigang Cai, PhD Introduction: On July 3, 2020, 3GPP (the organization that generates all the specifications for cellular networks) announced that its Release 16 (R16) specification was frozen, and thereby declared the completion of the first evolution of “5G New Radio (NR).”  As 3GPP’s specs have “no official standing,” they must be transposed by… Read more

New ITU-T SG13 Recommendations related to IMT 2020 and Quantum Key Distribution

by Leo Lehmann,  Chairman of ITU-T SG13 with background information and editing by Alan J Weissberger Backgrounder: ITU-T SG13 is the lead ITU-T study group on: future networks such as IMT-2020 networks (non-radio related parts), mobility management, cloud computing, and trusted network infrastructure.  The work is assigned to questions of which the following are related… Read more

ITU-R WP5D Feb 2020 Meeting Report Excerpts: Technology Aspects WG (IMT 2020 RIT/SRIT)

by Hu Wang, Chair, ITU-R WP 5D Working Group Technology Aspects (edited for clarity by Alan J Weissberger) NOTE that all documents referenced in this meeting report are ONLY available to those that have an ITU TIES account. Introduction and Overview: The WP 5D Technology Aspects WG met two times during the 34th meeting of… Read more

ITU-R WP 5D Dec 2019 meeting #33: activity related to IMT 2020 RIT/SRIT

by ITU-R WP 5D Chair persons with Editor’s Note (and copy edits) by Alan J Weissberger, IEEE Techblog Content Manager Main activities of WP5D WG Technology Aspects during meeting #33 (Dec 10-13 in Geneva) were: i) Review additional materials provided by the candidate IMT-2020 RIT/SRIT proponents ETSI (TC DECT) and DECT Forum, Nufront and TSDSI,… Read more

ITU-R WP5D Brazil Meeting: Complete IMT 2020 RIT/SRITs from 3GPP, China & Korea advance; Nufront submits new EUHT RIT

SOURCE: Meeting Report of ITU-R WP5D Working Group on Technology Aspects (17 July 2019) IMT-2020 RIT/SRITs: This past week’s 32nd meeting of ITU-R WP 5D in Brazil was a milestone for the IMT-2020 process described in Document IMT 2020/2(Rev.1): Step 3 – submission / reception of the RIT and SRIT proposals and acknowledgement of receipt…. Read more

Timelines for IMT 2020 (subject to change) and 3GPP Release 16

  15 July 2019 Update & Clarification: For the completion of Step 8 (see revised description below) and the finalization of the draft new Recommendation ITU-R M.[IMT‑2020.SPECS] in Working Party 5D, a completion date of the WP 5D meeting No. 36, currently planned for 7-14 October 2020 had previously been chosen. However, this completion date… Read more

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