ITU-R Reports in Progress: International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) including IMT 2020

Working documents toward  preliminary draft new ITU-R reports from WP5D:

M.[IMT.MULTIMEDIA] – Capabilities of the terrestrial component of IMT-2020 for multimedia communications

M.[IMT.INDUSTRY] –  Addresses the usage, technical and operational aspects and capabilities of IMT for meeting specific needs of societal, industrial and enterprise usages.

M.[IMT.AAS] – Measurements and mathematical modelling of Advanced Antenna Systems (AAS) in IMT-2020 systems

M.[HIBS-CHARACTERISTICS] –  Related to WRC-23 agenda item 1.4 – Spectrum needs, usage and deployment scenarios, and technical and operational characteristics for the use of high-altitude platform stations as IMT base stations (HIBS) in the mobile service in certain frequency bands below 2.7 GHz

New draft Recommendations:

M.[FSS_ES_IMT_26GHz] – Guidelines to assist administrations to mitigate interference from FSS earth stations into IMT stations operating in the frequency bands 24.65-25.25 GHz and 27-27.5 GHz



ITU-R Future Report: high altitude platform stations as IMT base stations (HIBS)

Draft new ITU-R report: Applications of IMT (4G, 5G) for Specific Societal, Industrial and Enterprise Usages

ITU-R Future Report: high altitude platform stations as IMT base stations (HIBS)


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