Clearwave Fiber to build all fiber Internet access network in Kansas

Clearwave Fiber (not to be confused with the now defunct Clearwire WiMAX network provider) will begin building a state-of-the art, all-fiber Internet access network in Lansing, KS.  This latest expansion marks the company’s first network presence in Kansas and underscores its goal to bring the most advanced and fastest Internet available to more than 500,000 homes and businesses across the United States by 2027.  Clearwave Fiber is scheduled to begin construction of the all fiber network in Kansas this month.

Clearwave Fiber’s Vice President of KansasStormy Supiran, stressed the importance of the company’s investment to consumers and the broader local community.

“We are committed to providing underserved communities with the high-speed connectivity that is essential for families, businesses, and local economies; without these essential services, many of the communities we are targeting may struggle to survive,” said Supiran. “We are excited to extend services to Lansing, and we look forward to becoming long-term partners to the community.”

Featuring gigabit download and upload speeds, Clearwave Fiber will bring ten times more speed to consumer doorsteps at a time when fast, reliable Internet is becoming increasingly critical to modern households. “More and more, we see households where multiple bandwidth-intensive activities occur simultaneously and many consumers’ Internet connections just aren’t up to the task,” said Clearwave Fiber’s Midwest President, Byron Cantrall. “The Clearwave Fiber network solves that problem.”

In March Clearwave acquired the assets of RG Fiber, a fiber network provider near Kansas City, Kansas. This was Clearwave’s first entry into Kansas. At the time, the company said that it planned to expand RG Fiber’s network and bring more fiber services to other communities in Kansas that do not currently have access to fiber.

For many consumers, Internet touches every facet of daily life. Remote work, telehealth, and virtual learning all require robust, reliable connections. A 2021 study by Deloitte indicated that 55% of U.S. households include one or more remote workers, and 43% include at least one household member attending virtual classes.

Cable One formed the Clearwave Fiber joint venture in January. Its JV partners include a trio of private equity firms:  GTCR, Stephens Capital Partners and the Pritzker Organization. At the time, Cable One said that the new entity would target deployments of fiber to residential and business customers within and adjacent to its existing markets.

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About Clearwave Fiber Midwest

Clearwave Fiber is an Internet service provider based in Savannah, GA that operates a more than 2,000 route-mile fiber network serving cities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. Delivering advanced telecommunications solutions with an emphasis on exceptional customer care and community engagement, they provide fiber to business, enterprise, and residential customers in more than 90 municipalities in Illinois and Kansas.  It is a joint venture formed by operator Cable One.