Infonetics Research: Microwave equipment mkt to hit $6 billion by 2016; Ericsson recaptures lead from NEC

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Infonetics Research just released excerpts from its 2nd quarter 2012 (2Q12) Microwave Equipment vendor market share and forecast. The report analyzes TDM, Ethernet, and dual Ethernet/TDM microwave equipment by spectrum, capacity, form factor, and architecture.  Mobile backhaul is clearly the main microwave market driver, especially with data traffic from many more small cells needing to be backhauled to the ISP/service provider point of presence.  While nano cells permit spectrum re-use (thereby increasing throughput for a given geographical coverage area) they require more backhaul points and equipment.

In Dell’Oro Group’s recently released market report, the mobile backhaul market, including transport and routers & switches, is forecast to reach $9 billion by 2016. The traditional wireline transport segment of wireless backhaul (microwave, fiber, and copper transport)  is predicted to grow at a 2 percent compounded annual growth rate to $6 billion by 2016.


.    The global microwave equipment market totaled $1.2 billion in 2Q12, up 16% from the previous quarter and down 6% from the year-ago 2nd quarter
.    Ericsson regained the #1 position in the global microwave equipment market in 2Q12, edging past Huawei by a hair
.    NEC, the microwave market share leader just a quarter ago, slipped to 3rd
.    Regionally, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) had the strongest 2nd quarter, capturing around 50% of global
market share

“The microwave equipment market rebounded nicely in the 2nd quarter thanks to strong performances from Ericsson
and Huawei,” notes Richard Webb, directing analyst for microwave at Infonetics Research. “Huawei had a huge quarter, its biggest ever for microwave equipment. The operator now counts some of the world’s major tier 1 international operators as its microwave customers and often supplies their operations across many countries.”

Webb adds: “Despite choppy performance in recent quarters, we expect the microwave equipment market to grow to $6 billion by 2016, driven by a continuing demand for increased mobile backhaul capacity and the proliferation of small cells.”


Infonetics’ quarterly Microwave Equipment report provides worldwide and regional market size, vendor market share,
forecasts, and analysis for Ethernet, TDM, and hybrid microwave equipment by spectrum, capacity, form factor, and architecture. Companies tracked include Alcatel-Lucent, Aviat Networks, Ceragon, DragonWave, ECI Telecom, Ericsson,
Exalt, Huawei, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks, ZTE and others.

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