Globe Telecom, HPE to deploy 5G SA network in the Philippines

Globe Telecom in the Philippines has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to roll out the first Private 5G Standalone (5G SA) network in the Philippines. According to Globe, this network introduces a new era of connectivity options for businesses, elevating cellular connectivity to unprecedented levels.

“The breakthrough private 5G standalone betwork brings us closer to a digitally transformed enterprise landscape,” said Yoke Kong Seow, chief technical advisor at Globe.

“5G offers a lot of surprising use cases. Exploring it and doing customer pilot deployment will bring meaningful results and opportunities. This successful demonstration of the first Private 5G SA Network heralds another innovation for our enterprise customers to experience,” he said.

The partnership with HPE offers flexibility in building the Private 5G network. Enterprises can choose to host the solution in the cloud, acquire a complete solution including HPE edge servers and Athonet software, or just license the software to integrate into existing infrastructure.

“With our Athonet technology, we are enabling a new era of connectivity for businesses,” said Loh Khai Peng, vice president for APAC sales at HPE.  “HPE is proud to partner with Globe on this groundbreaking endeavor, providing solutions that are not only tailored for specific needs but are also scalable, secure, and highly reliable,” he said.

Built with technology from Athonet, a subsidiary of HPE, the network will deliver cellular connectivity to enterprises and organizations across the Philippines as an alternative or complementary solution to Wi-Fi and public mobile technologies.

Globe said, the Athonet 5G SA Starter Kit is a complete package with SIM cards, a radio, and a mobile core network, all housed within a convenient briefcase. This plug-and-play Private 5G SA Network offers features, including high-quality video and audio streaming, as well as lightning-fast download speeds of up to 780 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

Moreover, the kit operates as a stand-alone network, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking reliable cellular connectivity. Additionally, this Private 5G SA Network works seamlessly with business applications via its N6 interface.

Private 5G SA networks offer improved security, customizable options, low latency, and high capacity. These networks excel at handling large-scale IoT deployments, especially for mission-critical operations.

According to Globe, the collaboration with HPE offers flexible Private 5G network solutions, including cloud-based options, edge servers with Athonet software, and customizable choices for scalability.

Globe’s Private 5G SA Network will redefine the future of businesses in the Philippines with increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and improved quality.


Globe Telecom, HPE to roll out 5G SA network in the Philippines


Globe to Deploy Philippines’ First Private 5G Network With HPE


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