DriveNets and Ciena Complete Joint Testing of 400G ZR/ZR+ optics for Network Cloud Platform

DriveNets and Ciena have announced the completion of testing and certification of multiple Ciena 400G coherent pluggable transceivers integrated in the DriveNets Network Cloud platform.  [DriveNets Network Cloud allows network and cloud operators to build their network like clouds – delivering the cost, flexibility and innovation benefits of this powerful new architecture. It takes inspiration from the cloud-native, virtualized approach of hyperscale clouds and adapts it to high-scale networks.]

The successful tests demonstrate how the integrated solution optimizes service provider networks and builds more efficient converged infrastructures.  The solution also includes enhanced network configuration and management software capabilities and ensures the Ciena WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n) pluggables can be tuned, configured, and managed by DriveNets Network Cloud software. 

This solution will be on display at OFC Conference, March 26-28 in San Diego, CA,  as part of the University of Texas in Dallas (UTC) – OpenLab OFCnet demonstration.  

Last year, DriveNets announced that Network Cloud was the first Disaggregated Distributed Chassis/Backbone Router (DDC/DDBR) to support ZR/ZR+ optics as native transceivers for Network Cloud-supported white boxes. Today’s announcement demonstrates that two market leaders and innovators are working together to offer a fully tested and validated solution that advances and expands the adoption of open, disaggregated networking solutions. 

Efficient Converged Infrastructure:

“Today’s announcement is another step in the growing adoption of disaggregated networking solutions, supporting operators’ desire to lower their operational costs by simplifying the network architecture and building networks like cloud,” said Dudy Cohen, Vice President of Product Marketing at DriveNets. “Operators are looking for open solutions that allow them to mix and match elements from multiple vendors as well as reduce the number of networks they need to support. The converged IP/Optical solution enabled by this announcement delivers on both goals.” 

“As a leading provider of both optical networks and coherent optical modules, Ciena continues to innovate and give our customers greater choice in how they create open and robust networks, without compromise,” said Joe Shapiro, Vice President, Product Line Management, Ciena. “The combined solution – a converged IP/Optical white box – can achieve longer unregenerated reaches while also being simple to manage, resulting in improved cost and operational efficiencies.” 

Simplifying the network by collapsing network layers:

The integrated solution delivers significant cost savings by collapsing Layer-1 to Layer-3 communications into a single platform. The use of ZR/ZR+ also eliminates the need for standalone optical transponders, lowering the number of boxes in the solution and reducing operational overhead, floorspace, and power requirements.  

This collaboration ensures that the DriveNets NOS (DNOS) supports the WL5n coherent pluggable transceivers beyond simply plugging them into the box. It will support multiple modes of operation, including 400ZR, ZR+, as well as higher performance modes to extend 400G connectivity across more links in the network. The combined solution was tested across a Ciena open line system, representing a real networking environment.  

This integration goes beyond interoperability validation. DriveNets Network Cloud will offer software support for Ciena’s optical solution, including configuration (channel and power), monitoring and troubleshooting for Ciena transceivers. 

Future planned enhancements involve standards-based integration with Ciena’s end-to-end intelligent network control system – the Ciena Navigator Network Control Suite (NCS) – for better visibility and optimization of the optical infrastructure. 

About DriveNets:

DriveNets is a leader in high-scale disaggregated networking solutions. Founded in 2015, DriveNets modernizes the way service providers, cloud providers and hyperscalers build networks, streamlining network operations, increasing network performance at scale, and improving their economic model. DriveNets’ solutions – Network Cloud and Network Cloud-AI – adapt the architectural model of hyperscale cloud to telco-grade networking and support any network use case – from core-to-edge to AI networking – over a shared physical infrastructure of standard white-boxes, radically simplifying the network’s operations and offering telco-scale performance and reliability with hyperscale elasticity. DriveNets’ solutions are currently deployed in the world’s largest networks.  Learn more at


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