Review of SideTrak Solo 17.3 inch portable monitor

This SideTrak Solo portable 17.3 inch monitor works great!

It was easy to set-up via Windows 10 laptop- plugged in HDMI cable for the audio/video and USB cable for power feeding from PC to monitor. Then changed Display settings to dual display from mirrored display in order to get 2 separate screens.

After set-up, you can drag a webpage from 1 screen to another which is very useful if you are doing research work or want to watch a video on 1 screen while working on the other screen.

The image clarity is better than on my new ACER laptop which was a pleasant surprise. You can adjust the volume UP or DOWN via the top & bottom buttons on the lower right side of the display.  The stand is very stable so it’s easy to move the monitor.

Because it’s portable, you can take it along with your laptop to do work or watch videos away from home/on the road.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with this product!


Solo HD 17.3”