ITU-T SG13 Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN) prepares several important documents

After their 8th meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the ITU-T FG-Future Networks has been exchanging emails and having conference calls to agree on several output documents for their parent organization- SG 13.  Here is a list of  the output documents dated December 22, 2010:

FGFN-OD78-LiaisonLjubljana updated.doc

There is also a Virtualization document being prepared.  

FNvision or “Future Networks: Objectives and Design Goals”  is the document that the FG spent most of their time and effort on.  The FG proposes that SG13 to start the approval process for this document at thier January 2011 plenary meeting.  That document can be downloaded for free at:

Other output documents,  for each of the FG-FN meetings, may be accessed at:

Working documents can ONLY be accessed by individuals that have an ITU-T TIES account.  If your organization is an ITU-T member and you’d like to participate in this committee, please contact the FG-FN Chairman: “Takashi Egawa” [email protected]

Here’s the link to an overview presentation of FG-FN by Mr. Egawa:

Call for InterestCurrently, IEEE is not participating in this committee although I’m told that IEEE is a Sector Member of ITU-T.  Do you think IEEE ComSoc should have its own “Future Network” Task Force and if so, under what umbrella?