Transforming Academic Research into Successful Technology to be addressed at Mar 3, 2011 IEEE – TiE panel session

It’s no secret that  that both industrial and government R & D spending has substantially decreased in the U.S. Yet that spending is the engine of innovation, purveyor of productivity enhancements and technology competitiveness. R&D for a technology company is its seed corn, the source of its future growth and revenues in the form of products, intellectual property or services that are often years away from being monetized.   

While companies have substantially cut back spending on research, they are collaborating much more with universities in an effort to commercialize academic research projects. There is strong evidence that successful transfer of advanced research form University to Industry requires the faculty member(s) and students to directly engage in the transfer process by becoming entrepreneurs.

Professors Panel Session: Transforming Academic Research into Commercially Successful Products and Intellectual Property (IP)
Thursday, March 3, 2011 at TiE-SV in Santa Clara, CA (6pm-7pm networking dinner, 7pm-9pm program)

In this dynamic and enlightening panel session, four seasoned veterans of BOTH academia and Industry will tell their stories and provide perspective, opinions, do’s and don’ts to successfully transition from academic research into commercially viable technologies.
This panel will zero in on issues and answers in how this type of technology transfer has been successfully done with lessons learned and caveats revealed. 

All four of the panelists are now or were University Professors.   Three of the four panelists have done groundbreaking research in network communications technologies, e.g. congestion avoidance, optical switching, core routing, broadband wireless transport with VPN client, etc.  One of them was also responsible for defining the business model of the fabless semiconductor company. The other distinguished panelist has supervised research projects as Dean of Engineering at UCLA.   To learn more, go to:

If you are an IEEE member and want to attend, please email: [email protected] with your IEEE membership number to get the discount code for $20 (vs $50) on line registration at the TiE-Slicon Valley web site.

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