TiECon 2011 to offer top technical sessions & mentoring to Communications/IT Professionals

TiEcon 2011- “Innovation Reigns  will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, May 13-14th. The conference always brings together a diverse and dynamic group of leaders from business, technology, venture capital, and media for two days of education, inspiration, and networking. This years event will feature session tracks and keynote speeches focused on several key market segments: Cloud, Mobile, Social, Energy and Life Sciences. Fifteen panel sessions will cover the hottest issues for industry participants, customers, and investors in these high profile industry sectors. Six Keynotes and Breakthrough Thinkers, representing the top of their industries, will share presentations and unique views on critical topics.

A session that seems of particular interest to IEEE ComSoc Community readers is The Next BIG Mobile Trends and Opportunities. It will be led by a top analyst- Rajeev Chand, Managing Director, Rutberg & Company.   Speakers will explore the opportunities and challenges that are of most interest to wireless carriers, software platform companies, and investors.

The panel will try to answer key questions like:

-How are mobile operators adapting to the new value chain?
-Where are venture firms placing bets? What are the key technology choices going forward?
-How will mobile ecosystem participants will adapt their strategies as mobile networks evolve to 4G with many more connected smart devices?
-What are the opportunities created by these ecosystem changes?

Session attendees will gain insight on what to expect as mobility becomes ever more mainstream. Expect to gain a better perspective on how the wireless industry will evolve and cope with the expected deluge of mobile data traffic that’s already upon us. Is mobile video (finally) the killer app?

Related Activity:   Mobile Spectrum Re-Allocation has been the hottest topic in the last five years on the IEEE ComSocSCV Discussion list reflector (open to all IEEE members). It will be explored in depth along with other WiFi/3G/4G issues by VPs of Broadcom and Qualcomm at  ComSocSCV’s May 11th meeting. More info + RSVP at: www.comsocscv.org

There are more WIreless/Mobile TiECon sessions as well as panels on Cloud Computing that should be of interest to Communications professionals, especially start-ups.  At this year’s conference, TiE is introducing a new program called MentorConnect where seasoned entrepreneurs from TiE’s base of Charter Members will provide small group mentoring to TiECon attendees.

Another attraction for TiECon 2011 is an expanded  Innovation Expo, which will bring startups, universities, and research labs of large companies to show their innovative products and technologies to TiEcon attendees. We’ve just been informed that the Innovation Expo is oversold!  There will be over 120 booths in the various technologoy verticals. Plenty to see, investigate and learn many new things!

TiE 50, the 3rd annual awards program to recognize the “Top 50 Startup Companies”, will be a prominent part of TiEcon.  The 50 award winners selected from 291 finalists and over 1,600 nominations, represent the most enterprising startups of 2011 in five sectors that are driving today’s economy: Internet/Social Networking, Software/Cloud Computing, Life Sciences, Wireless/Mobile and Energy/Cleantech. The TiE 50 judging process was designed with meticulous planning, screening and judging by over forty prominent entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives and other domain experts.  The TiE50 2011 Winners in the Wireless/Mobile space are:
Avnera Corporation, Bump Technologies, Cinemacraft Pte Ltd, E-Senza Technologies GmbH, Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd, mFoundry, Inc, Roamware, Inc., SmrtGuard Security, Stoke, Inc., Zenprise

We expect many of these award winners to be rising stars in their respective fields. Previous award winners have done quite well. The complete list of 2011 winners is at: http://www.tie50.net/TiE50Awards/2011Winners_List.asp

For more information about TiECon:

You can find more information about TiECon and register at www.tiecon.org. The keynotes, panel sessions, and other events are all listed there under the agenda along with speakers/moderators.

Note:  IEEE ComSocSCV has had a strategic alliance relationship with TiE-Silicon Valley since January 2010.  We have had 2 joint technical meetings (on networked video and transforming academic research into commercially viable technologies) and one hugely successful workshop (on mobile apps and mobile infrastructure).  IEEE is a marketing partner for TiECon and IEEE members get discounted registration for this conference.