Verizon/Nokia Test 3GPP NR Spec using Multi-Carrier Aggregation

Verizon and Nokia reported testing “5G” New Radio (3GPP release 15) technology in the outdoors using multi-carrier aggregation to boost the transmitted signals. Verizon deployed its 28 GHz millimeter-wave spectrum in the trial, saying it cut latency to 1.5 milliseconds while transferring data at 1.8 gigabits per second.

“By continuing to push the technological envelope and make advancements like these, we’re driving the ongoing development of 5G technology and bringing it to life for our customers,” said Sanyogita Shamsunder, vice president, 5G Ecosystems & Innovation for Verizon. “Verizon continues to lead the way toward the realization of true 5G technology.”

Marc Rouanne, president of Nokia Mobile Networks, focused on the outdoor element of the testing in a press release. “Nokia is committed to supporting Verizon’s advanced effort to bring 5G to commercial reality,” he said. “Our successful trial pushes the testing distance and because it has been conducted outside, tests the interference variables in an outdoor environment. This is a major milestone for preparing Verizon for widespread 5G implementation.”

Transmitting interactive VR and 4k video streams outdoors required a consistent, stable, reliable 3GPP NR 15 network connection. Adding in carrier aggregation over four carriers increases the bandwidth and speeds of the transmissions to the levels promised by true 5G technology. When customers begin to use 5G NR technology, they will look to leverage that type of reliable connectivity to stream high-definition video without buffering, experience improved AR/VR capabilities, and use other mobile 5G solutions in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

Previous Nokia/Verizon 5G tests were done in the lab and were only brief data packet transmissions. The testing announced today is far closer to the way in which subscribers actually will use the 5G. Verizon says it will launch stationary 5G in Los Angeles, Sacramento and two other U.S. markets during the second half of the year. A mobile version will follow.

Nokia and Verizon are cooperating deeply on 5G. In February, the companies – along with Qualcomm – successfully tested a 3GPP-compliant NR 5G call. The call was made over licensed spectrum on a 5G NR prototype device from Qualcomm. The spectrum was provided by Verizon and the networking technology by Nokia. The test was conducted at a Nokia facility in Murry Hill, N.J.

The competition to announce 3GPP compliant NR deployment is intense. Nokia also is working with T-Mobile. Last week, the wireless carrier said that the companies completed a bi-directional over-the-air 5G data session on a 3GPP-compliant NR system at T-Mobile’s Bellevue, WA lab.

Note: All should know that 3GPP is not a standards body and that their NR specification has not been submitted to ITU-R WP 5D for IMT 2020.  The first 3GPP submission for IMT 2020 RIT won’t be till late July 2019.


3 thoughts on “Verizon/Nokia Test 3GPP NR Spec using Multi-Carrier Aggregation

  1. Sanyogita Shamsunder, vice president, 5G Ecosystems & Innovation for Verizon. “Verizon continues to lead the way toward the realization of true 5G technology.”?????

    After carefully observing and writing about 5G commercial trials, deployments and standards, I now believe that every wireless service provider has their own definition. That’s certainly true of AT&T which has announced “standardized 5G” mobile broadband service in 2017. AT&T chairs ITU-R WP5D which is responsible for IMT 2020 recommendations- the radio aspects of 5G. ITU-T SG 11 and 13 are working on the non radio aspects of 5G.

    The very FIRST contributions for the IMT 2020 Radio Interface Technologies (RITs aka RANs) won’t be presented till the late July 2019 ITU-R WP 5D meeting. As per last week’s WP 5D meeting, there are now 6 entities/organizations that plan to present their proposed RITs at that July 2019 WP 5D meeting. They are: 3GPP, China, S Korea, CEPT, ETSI, DECT Forum, and TSDSI.

    From the WP 5D Technology Aspects meeting report dated June 21, 2018 (TIES members only have access to it):
    “SWG Coordination (of ITU-R WP 5D Technology Aspects WG) reviewed the received initial descriptions related to the proposal of candidate IMT‑2020 radio interfaces from ETSI and DECT Forum, and TSDSI; the detailed technical characteristics will be further reviewed at next WP 5D meeting.”


  2. 3GPP has agreed to organize a Workshop on 3GPP submission towards IMT-2020, in October 2018. Some details are provided below:

    • Dates/Location:

    – October 24-25th, 2018;

    – Location: Brussels (European Commission facilities).

    • Target audience:

    – Independent Evaluation Groups, Regulators, Administrations, Industry Sectors interested in using 3GPP technologies.

    • Scope:

    – Present/describe the 3GPP IMT-2020 submission proposal

    • High level agenda/topics:

    – Specific technical features of the “5G” proposal

    – Submission templates

    – Self-Evaluation assumptions/results

    – Anticipations on the final submission with Rel. 15 and Rel. 16 contents

    – Overview of System Aspects
    3GPP “Full 5G” webinar.

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