IEEE 802.16 GRIDMAN SG + Recommendations for future projects from Nov 16-19, 2009 meeting

The IEEE 802.16 Working Group met in its Session #64 the week of 16 November 2009 in Atlanta, GA, USA. The IEEE 802.16 Session #64 Report summarizes the outcomes

From IEEE Contribution 802.16-09/0023 -Project Planning Adhoc Report (by Jose Puthenkulam; 2009-11-17):

Smart Grid:
An IEEE 802.16 GRIDMAN Study Group (SG) on "Greater Reliability In Disrupted Metropolitan Area Networks" has been created. The proposal was approved by the IEEE 802.16 WG and the IEEE 802 Executive Committee. It will study the synergies among IEEE 802.16 wireless metropolitan area network technologies aimed at Smart Grid, Public Safety, Avionics, Airport Surface Communication, and Surveillance applications. The SG needs to create an adhoc/plan for engaging with the NIST Smart Grid project and co-ordinate with other IEEE 802 WGs on this topic. It will first meet at IEEE 802.16 Session #65.

Also see:

  • IEEE 802.16-09/0068r2
    Draft PAR and 5 Criteria For Potential Greater Reliability In Disrupted Metropolitan Area Network (GRIDMAN) Study Group (NRR Ad Hoc Committee; 2009-11-19)

TV Whitespaces:
Entertain new project extending 802.16h for TV Whitespace applications including mobility support.

802.16m MIBs:
WG should discuss the need for a MIBs project

Network Robustness and Reliability (NRR):
Should explore links between NRR and Emergency Services SG

New Air Interface enhancements for capacity/coverage

Also see:
IEEE Contribution 802.16-09/0019r1

Future Wireless Broadband Networks: Challenges and Possibilities (by Shilpa Talwar, Kerstin Johnsson, Nageen Himayat, Jose Puthenkulam, Geng Wu, Caroline Chan, Feng Xue, Minnie Ho, Rath Vannithamby, Ozgur Oyman, Wendy Wong, Qinghua Li, Guangjie Li, Sumeet Sandhu, Sassan Ahmadi, Hujun Yin, Yang-seok Choi; 2009-11-17)

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