Mobile Packet Core takes center stage at IEEE ComSoc SCV Jan 13, 2010 meeting + 3G and WiMAX in India!

IEEE ComSoc SCV is fortunate enough to have two "alumni" speakers from Tellabs (Rehan Jalil) and Cisco (Jay Iyer) for our Jan 13th panel session.  Our panel moderator will be ComSocSCV Technical Activities Director Sameer Herlekar. 

Since the speaker/panelist and moderator are from India (and I spend all my mornings with Indian people at the ICC in Milpitas) we are going to expand the panel session to also include the three participants views of mobile broadband in India.  Of course, that will depend on the oft delayed auction for 3G/ BWA spectrum that is now scheduled to be held in early January.  While there won’t be any slides or presentation from the speakers on that topic, they will provide you with their perspective and outlook. 
Why is this subject important?  Because India has been and will continue to be the largest market for cellphones.  Intel thinks it will be a huge market for netbooks and net tops- low cost PCs with WiMAX built in.  Cisco and others believe India will potentially be a very large 3G mobile broadband market.
To highlight the importance of the mobile packet core- the topic for our Jan 13th panel session meeting- please refer to this excellent article from Telephony On-line:
Mobile core wars

The mobile packet core is emerging as the new battleground in wireless, pitting the big mobile vendors against a new generation of specialty core suppliers

And there’s a whole lot more:
Cisco recently completed its acquisition of Starent Network
While Tellabs earlier completed its acquisition of silicon valley based WiChorus
And these previously published articles for background information and analysis:

We hope to meet and greet all SF Bay area ComSoc Community members at this meeting

Alan Weissberger

IEEE ComSoc SCV Program Chair