Cloud Computing: Impact on IT Architecture, Data Centers and the Network: July 14th IEEE ComSocSCV meeting

Three keynote talks from VMware, Microsoft and Ericsson will be followed by a lively panel/ Q and A session with Juniper Networks also participating. We are all very excited about this comprehensive and well balanced look at cloud computing from both a computiing and communications perspective. It should be one of the best technical meetings of the year!

Presentation Titles and Abstracts


Building Many Bridges to the Cloud, Robin Ren, Director of R&D, Cloud Applications and Services, VMware

Cloud computing is on every CIO’s top priority list nowadays. However, like any “game-changer” technologies in history, today’s Cloud Computing field can appear to be both exciting and chaotic. Most large technology companies claim to have at least one cloud product or service. Many start-up companies are also trying different ideas. In the introduction, we will offer answers to some basic questions:

-What is Cloud Computing?
-Why does Cloud matter?
-How will Cloud change the IT industry?

We’ll look at the major Cloud Computing players, trying to analyze the big trend and compare different approaches. In the end, there are several valid ways to move from traditional IT to the Cloud, targeted at different audiences and workloads. It is important to understand how you can participate and benefit from this new “IT gold rush.”

Cloud Data Centers and Networking Trends, Alan G. Hakimi, Senior Cloud Architect, Microsoft Services Enterprise Strategy and Architecture

The data center is at the heart of cloud computing. It brings dynamic virtualized server and storage environments to users via networks that provide cloud connectivity. The networks used to access cloud services will need more intelligence in several areas. They will have to quickly react to changes in the computing/storage environment, recovering from faults, and increasing or decreasing scale. This session will describe some architectural patterns in IaaS with respect to designing around resiliency and bandwidth. We will discuss the differences between traditional data centers and cloud data centers including intra-data center and inter data center communications. This session will also address networking trends with respect to federating clouds and providing secure, high quality network access to the data center.

Cloud Connectivity – offensive or defensive play? Arpit Joshipura, VP of Strategy and Market Development, Ericsson Silicon Valley
Cloud services and advanced devices are worthless without connectivity. At the same time, cloud services are increasing in value with the addition of mobility. This talk focusses on value of connectivity to the cloud and discusses the mobile aspects that an operator can leverage. With the asset of connectivity, an operator can use Cloud as both an offensive and a defensive strategy. This talk outlines the details of this strategy and identifies requirements on connectivity including type of access, SLA, QOS, Interoperability and standardization.

Additional Panelist: Colin Constable, Chief Enterprise Architect within the office of the CTO, Juniper Networks


Robin Ren is a Director, R&D at VMware in Palo Alto, California. He manages an engineering team in the new Cloud Applications and Services BU. He is involved in many of the VMware’s cloud initiatives at the Infrastructure-, Platform-, and Application-as-a-Service layers. He is also the ambassador at the headquarters for the VMware R&D Center in Beijing China.

Alan Hakimi joined Microsoft in 1996 as a member of the Microsoft Consulting Services group. Alan is an IEEE member and has MCA and CITA-P architect certifications. He is currently working in Microsoft Services leading efforts on Enterprise Strategy and Cloud Architecture. Alan enjoys cycling, hiking, making music, cooking, and studying philosophy. His blog on Zen and the Art of Enterprise Architecture is located at

Arpit Joshipura heads up Strategy & market development for Ericsson in Silicon Valley. In his role, responsible for network operator architecture strategies including IP, Convergence, Cloud. He is a valley veteran and has worked in several startups and established companies in leadership roles – business and engineering. Arpit is a veteran speaker and panelist at ComSocSCV meetings He gives Indian classic music performances and plays the harmonium.

Colin Constable joined Juniper Networks in September 2008. He previously spent twelve years at Credit Suisse, most recently as the Chief Network Architect & EMEA Infrastructure CTO. In this role he created and published the “Credit Suisse Network Vision 2020” focused on seven sub domains of networking. He built a governance framework leveraging the strategies structure to ensure cross technology tower engagement and decision making, both technical and financial. He also led numerous programs to increase cross-technology, technical knowledge.

July 14th (6pm-9pm) at National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA  


6pm-6:30pm Refreshments and Networking

6:30pm-6:40pm Opening Remarks

6:40pm-8pm Presentations (3)

8pm-8:45pm Panel Session + Audience Q and A

8:45pm-9pm Informal Q and A with panelists