Mini workshop agenda: "FG FN results and future steps" – part of 8th FG FN Meeting in Slovenia

FG-FN Mini Workshop:  Lubljana, Slovenia Wednesday, 1 December (14:00 – 18:00)

Note:  ITU-T SG13  established “Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN)” to share the discussion on Future Networks and ensure global common understanding about Future Networks with collaboration and harmonization with relevant entities and activities.

The Focus Group, by collaborating with worldwide future network (FN) communities (e.g., research institutes, forums, academia and etc), aims to collect and identify visions of future networks, based on new technologies,  assess the interactions between future networks and new services, familiarize ITU-T and standardization communities with emerging attributes of future networks, and
 encourage collaboration between ITU-T and FN communities.

Motivation for this workshop: FG FN made big progress during last 18 months. FG produced very tangible results (documents, database).  It has established a very comprehensive program of work. This FG needs to communicate its achievements to the public (ITU, researcher, industry). FG FN will use mini workshop in Ljubljana to present our achievements to date.


  • Introduction – FG scope and objectives (Alojz Hudobivnik, Iskratel)

  • FGFN – the history of 18 months (Takashi Egawa, NEC)

  • Results of FG in details

    • Contributions analysis (Nozomu Nishinaga, NICT,)

    • FN Vision (Group moderator: Daisuke Matsubara, Hitachi)

    • FN Virtualization (Group moderator: Sangjin Jeong, ETRI)

    • FN energy savings (Moderator: Toshihiko Kurita, Fujitsu)

  • Database of world R&D projects about FN

    • Overview (as a source for now and the future)(Nozomu Nishinaga, NICT)

    • Examples:

      • Presentation of some FP7 project (Alix Galis, UCL)

      • Korea Future Internet R&D Plan and ETRI Activities (Myung-Ki Shin, ETRI)

      • Presentation of AKARI project (Hideki Otsuki,NICT)

  • ICT research network in Slovenia (August Jauk, ARNES, CTO)

  • Further steps in standardization and the role of the ITU (Chaesub Lee, SG13 Chairman)