ComSocSCV June 8 meeting to offer extraordinary insight into planning, design, maintenance and evolution of SCUs Campus Network

Ever wondered how a contemporary university campus network was planned, designed, built and maintained? How it has evolved to support diverse traffic types (including VoIP, Internet, storage retrieval, OTTP video, IPTV, games, etc), more users and higher bandwidth applications? What a huge impact mobiility has on the network? How the data center works and is accessed by students, staff and faculty? June 8th is your chance to find out about these and all other aspects of Santa Clara University’s (SCU) state of the art campus network and data center. 

Three experts from SCUs IT Department will address how the network evolved, the architecture, design and development challenges, traffic types supported, maintenance issues, security protection (e.g. from DoS attacks), and how to grow the network to meet new user demands and applications. Mobility, video and high resolution imaging posed critical challenges for the network.  How are these being addressed?

We’ll also examine Data Center issues, including how servers are interconnected, how the data center is remotely accessed, impact of hosted virtual desktops and tradeoffs in supporting high resolution imaging apps. Finally, we’ll take a hard look at the motivations and critical issues in migrating the data center to a private, hybrid or public cloud computing environment.

A lively panel session will follow the presentation with audience participation encouraged. Get your questions ready!

Session Moderator:  Alan J Weissberger, ComSocSCV Chairman, x-SCU Adjunct EECS Dept & SCU Osher Member


  • Carl Fussell — Director of Information Technology, Santa Clara University
  • Todd Schmitzer — Manager of Network, Telecom & Security, Santa Clara University
  • Eddie Butler — Lead/Senior Network Engineer, Santa Clara University

Don’t miss this extra special event.  It starts at 6pm with food/drinks/networking session with opening remarks at 6:30pm. National Semiconducor Auditorium in Santa Clara, CA

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Sponsorship Opporunity:  ComSocSCVs June 8th meeting offers an outstanding corporate sponsorship opportunity. We have recruited the top brass at SCU IT Dept to talk about their campus network & data center: Managing Director of IT, Head of Network Planning & Operations, and Chief Networking Engineer. Sponsors get a table during networking which attendees tend to congregate around. That’s a chance for corporate image enhancement and additional networking  We list sponsor on our rotating slides, web site, FB page and Linked In group. Great exposure!  Contact: [email protected] if you are interested in co-sponsoring refreshments for this meeting.