AT&T Opens new Innovation Center/Foundry in Atlanta, GA (#4)

A&T’s latest Innovation Center/Foundry — its fourth in total — has opened in Atlanta, GA.  This new Atlanta Foundry will focus on projects around Digital Life (AT&Ts home security and automation service), as well as U-verse, mobility and “connected car.” The Atlanta facility has nearly 8,000 square-feet of work space, and AT&T plans to use it all.
The Atlanta Foundry location has an open floor plan, enabling collaborative teams to rapidly form and regroup.  Results from the work by AT&T and its partner companies will be used to progress and improve AT&T’s U-verse and Digital Life platforms as well as new applications

At the June 12, 2013 IEEE ComSocSCV meeting, AT&T presented their Silicon Valley Foundry as well as other topics.  
Jacob Saperstein described the mission and purpose of AT&T’s Palo Alto Foundry, how it relates to AT&T’s Innovation Platform, and its role in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.    In addition to its Palo Alto facility, AT&T has Foundry locations in Richardson, TX and Ra’anana, Israel (and now Atlanta, GA).  At these three “Innovation Centers,” AT&T  teams up with start-ups and leading edge companies to fast-track new apps, devices, software/hardware platforms and other areas of technology innovation. 
The referenced IEEE ComSocSCV-AT&T meeting abstract, speaker names and presentations can be downloaded from  by clicking on June 12, 2013 meeting