Another 5G Partnership– Nokia and Orange

In almost 50 years of observing tech trends and markets, the most hyped of all time is 5G.  It’s a market that doesn’t exist and won’t until 2021 at the earliest.  That didn’t stop Verizon, AT&T, Telia and numerous other wireless telcos announcing 5G trials this year!

The latest 5G partnership (whatever that means) is network equipment behemoth Nokia (a combo of Nokia-Siemens, Lucent and Alcatel) combining with Orange (formerly France Telecom) to progress 5G.  Does that mean that Nokia will be the exclusive 5G network equipment provider to Orange?  We doubt that!

As part of the agreement, the pair will focus on making the transition from 4G to 5G network connectivity a pain free job, to pave the way for such innovations as smarter cities, connected vehicles and remote healthcare. This work will also include the application of ultra-broadband leveraging new frequency bands, cloud RAN and massive MIMO, IoT, end-to-end network slicing techniques and energy efficiency.

“In line with the Orange Essentials 2020 strategy, Orange places innovation at the heart of its drive to deliver an unmatched customer experience,” said Alain Maloberti, Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Networks

“Working with Nokia, we are preparing the evolution of our networks from 4G to 5G, with multiple services on a single infrastructure to deliver a quality tailored for each service requirement. Our new services will enhance people’s lives and accelerate the digitization of vertical industries.”

“With our breadth of Radio, IP and Optics technologies, and the expertise of Bell Labs, Nokia is proud to be assisting Orange in the introduction of 5G and the application of the Future X Network paradigm,” said Marc Rouanne, chief Innovation and Operating Officer at Nokia, said:

“Through this collaboration, we will test 5G applications for different industry segments and measure the benefits of extremely short latency and very high speeds. We are also delighted to be applying our world-class R&D expertise in Paris and Lannion in this project.”

Prior to the announcement, the two already had a relationship in place, namely a research partnership between Orange Labs and Nokia Bell Labs.

THE 5 KEYS TO 5G according to Nokia:

The 5 Keys to 5G