Google Wants India Telecom Operators to use its “SDN Platform”

Source: Economic Times Telecom

Google Inc is looking to bring more Indian telecom operators on board its software defined networking (SDN)-based platform. The internet search giant says its SDN-based platform enables telecom networks adapt to new services and traffic patterns efficiently.

The company has already teamed up with Bharti Airtel and South Korea’s SK Telecom to pursue this  networking initiative.

“We are happy to share our knowledge and capabilities with operators. We are very open to talking about our capabilities on both client and application sides and cloud technologies to carriers across the spectrum,” Gulzar Azad, country head for connectivity at Google India, told ET. “We believe there will be more engagements as we move forward in India as well.”

Google’s (proprietary) SDN-based platform comes at a time when telecom networks are dealing with a huge upsurge in data consumption. The platform also aims to create richer APIs that will enable new operational models and help operators bring new features (such as Smart Offline) to consumers.

“Information on the Android side or devices side and information on app side need to come together with all the data availability on the carrier side to make smarter and intelligent networks in India,” Azad said.

“That’s the future we see where two worlds are coming together and make better experience for users and make much productive data consumption by the users,” he added.

According to Azad, more industry players need to contribute for network infrastructure and optimisation to ensure efficient running of applications and client devices, besides ensuring existence of public WiFi.

“This needs to be there to fulfill the government’s vision and create an environment where data revolution is fulfilled by way of consumption, which is 10 times higher than it is today,” Azad said, adding that the industry is moving towards a data revolution.

Meanwhile, Google is on track to equip another 400 railway stations in India with high-speed WiFi network. With the help of RailTel and Indian Railways, it is currently providing WiFi services at 115 stations.

The company recently won its first city Google Station WiFi deal from Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited, a special purpose vehicle formed for the smart city mission in the city. The project will be executed in collaboration with companies like IBM, Larsen & Toubro and RailTel.


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