Telecom TV Poll: How to maximize cloud-native opportunities?

The adoption of cloud-native methodologies, processes and tools has been a challenge for communications service providers (CSPs), aka telcos or network operators.

  • Telcos are embracing cloud-native processes and tools
  • It’s part of their evolution towards being digital service providers
  • But the cloud-native journey is still in its early stages
  • Real cultural change is needed if telcos are to capitalise fully on the cloud-native opportunities

Alongside a a session, Why cloud native is essential to delivering the automation, agility and innovation needed to support new services, at Telco TV’s DSP Leaders World Forum event in Windsor, UK, a poll was taken.  The following question was asked, “How can Digital Service Providers maximize the cloud-native opportunities?”  Respondents were able to select all the options they deemed relevant.  Here are the results:

Please check out the upcoming Cloud Native Telco Summit session on cloud-native application development to see what the industry experts have to say.


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