Sept 25 Workshop on Smart Grids, M2M Platforms and "the Internet of Things"

Smart Grids, M2M Platforms, “the Internet of Things” and Other Networks for Smart Devices

12:30pm – 8:00pm, September 25, 2010, Saturday at Benson Center (Bldg 301), Santa Clara University

The applications and communications aspects of smart grids, Machine to Machine (M2M) platforms and smart/ embedded devices are the focus areas of this workshop. “The Internet of things” is often used to denote the wide variety and huge number of networked devices that are now emerging. We will explore that as well as other networks (e.g. WiFi/IEEE 802.11n and home networks) which provide connectivity for emerging devices and the smart grid.

We will also examine how M2M networks will be managed and provisioned for so many embedded devices (Ericsson has predicted 20B connected devices by 2020 and other companies predict even more). IEEE ComSocSCV and NATEA are very fortunate to have so many well known speakers, including the Chair of the TIA Smart Devices Standards Committee, Sprint’s M2M Platform Manager, and the IEEE ComSoc officer who is a world expert on Power Line Communications.

There will be four presentations in each of two workshop Tracks.  The talks are followed by a panel session for each track.  The program is as follows:

Track I: Communications aspects of the Smart Grid

Smart Grid Communications: Enabling a Smarter Grid
Claudio Lima, Vice Chair of IEEE P2030 Smart Grid Architecture Standards WG

Power Line Communications and the Smart Grid
Stefano Galli, Lead Scientist Panasonic R&D

Wireless Communications for Smart Grid
Kuor-Hsin Chang, Principal System Engineer – Standards, Elster Solutions

Role of WiFi/ IEEE 802.11n and Related Protocols in Smart Grid
Venkat Kalkunte, CTO, Datasat Technologies

Track II: Smart Devices, M2M platforms, and Home Networks

Standardization as a Catalyst of M2M Market Expansion
Jeffrey Smith, CTO, Numerex Corp & Chairman, TIA TR-50 Smart Device Communications Standard Committee

Operations and Management of Mobility Applications and M2M Networks
Jason Porter, AVP, AT&T

Sprint’s Machine-to-Machine and Service Enablement Platform
Michael Finegan, West Area M2M Manager of Solutions Engineering, Sprint Emerging Solutions Group

Noise and Interference in Home Networks
Arvind Mallya, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Network Operations

There will be a panel session at the end of each Track, after the presentations

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As a follow on to our very successful Smart Grid/M2M workshop at SCU, here is an article just published on the M2M market forecasts and an assessment of the network changes that are needed to realize those forecasts