IEEE initiates smart grid community planning in its 10 global regions


IEEE intends to spearhead 10 community-based smart grid planning efforts around the world beginning this year, Wanda Reder, chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Task Force, told SmarGrid Today in an exclusive interview. IEEE is seeking utility partners in each of its 10 global regions to co-sponsor the event and implement the smart grid pilots in their service areas, she said, adding that several utilities already expressed interest. “We have reached out to utilities, there certainly is early interest,” Reder said. “We are kind of settling down on the plan and the budgets in order to get started here in 2012.” Given its reach and respectability, IEEE’s push could have an agenda-setting influence on the rest of the smart grid industry. Modeling the forthcoming fora after the National Grid and the City of Worcester, Mass, Green2Growth summit in September, Reder hopes IEEE can “templatize” that format for other cities and utilities to copy, she said. Reder was present for the second day of the two-day Green2Growth event, which was the centerpiece of National Grid’s revamped customer engagement plan for its 15,000-meter AMI pilot (SGT, Jan-03). The forum brought students, educators, government officials and activists together to envision what a greener Worcester should include. The summit focused on an “appreciative inquiry” method that begins with participants identifying their own leadership accomplishments and qualities, then moving on to what they would like to see Worcester do to become an idealistic, energy-conscious city (SGT, Sep-20).

IEEE has developed several communications standards for Smart Grid:

1)       IEEE P1775: Standard for Power Line Communication Equipment – EMC Requirements -Testing and Measurement Methods

2)       IEEE P1901: Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: MAC and PHY Specifications (

3)       IEEE P2030: Draft Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability ? Task Force 3: Communications Technology (