Point Topic: Fixed Broadband Tariff Report for Q4 2019

Point Topic has published the analysis of more than 5,000 fixed broadband tariffs from over 300 operators in more than 90 countries. The new research, which looks at broadband prices and speeds in Q4 2019, reveals:

  • Globally, the overall average monthly charge for residential broadband services increased by 2% from the previous quarter to reach $93 PPP.
  • The average bandwidth provided to residential subscribers increased by 5% compared to Q3 2019. The boost was caused by the increase in bandwidth provided over cable and fibre networks.
  • At the end of Q4 2019, the average combined cost per Mbps for business broadband packages dropped by 4% and stood at $1.06. In comparison with Q3 2019, copper connections became considerably more expensive – their cost per Mbps went up 20%.
  • In Q4 2019, the lowest priced business tariffs were offered in Western Europe and North America. While being the fourth most expensive market, Asia-Pacific offered the highest average download speeds


The complete tariff report is available by clicking on the link below – no subscription or registration is required:

Fixed broadband tariffs – key trends in Q4 2019

As always, we have ranked 84 countries by median, entry-level and average broadband tariff.

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  1. Broadband data consumption grew by 27% in 2019
    US broadband homes used an average of 27.3% more data last year than in 2018 — a total of 344 gigabytes per month — at a time when speeds jumped to 128.3 Mbps, OpenVault reported. The consultancy also predicted that median usage will will grow 25% this year to surpass 250 gigabytes.

    OpenVault’s latest report also predicts median usage will surpass 250 gigs for the first time this year


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