MediaTek’s 5G-Integrated Dimensity 1000+ for Flagship Smartphones

Taiwan based fabless semiconductor company MediaTek has expanded its Dimensity 5G chipset family with the launch of Dimensity 1000+, an enhanced 5G-integrated chip with upgrades for gaming, video and power-efficiency.

Besides Qualcomm, which dominates the cellular modem chipset business, Mediatek is the only other merchant market semiconductor company for 5G smartphones, tablets and other endpoints.  (Yes, we know Samsung and Huawei have designed their own 5G silicon, but it is only used within their 5G network equipment, with a different chipset for their 5G endpoints).  For a comparison, please see this article on Qualcomm vs MediaTek SoC Processors.

Mediatek says they’ve committed over 100 billion NTD (>3.3Bn US$) in 5G R&D to date and have a long track record of R&D achievements that has built a rock-solid foundation ready for products today and into the future.

Dimensity 1000+ :

Image Credit: MediaTek

  • Delivers 5G capabilities including Carrier Aggregation, dual 5G SIM, superfast 5G speeds, and MediaTek’s 5G UltraSave power saving technologies.
  • Supports 144Hz refresh rate, for high frame rate videos and gaming apps, minimizing motion blur and jitter. Dimensity 1000+ also incorporates HyperEngine 2.0 technologies, which are designed to upgrade the smartphone for a more fluid and immersive gaming experience. This includes a Resource Management Engine to ensure game performance fluidity with minimal power consumption by intelligently managing CPU, GPU and memory resources.
  • Incorporates MediaTek’s latest MiraVision technologies (see below) that is designed to improve per frame picture quality. Using the integrated APU 3.0’s processing power, along with MediaTek’s dedicated MiraVision Picture Quality Engine, the Dimensity 10000+ can dynamically adjust per frame contrast, sharpness and color levels, to enhance the picture quality of 4K videos and streams in real time, the company said.
  • The upgraded Networking Engine enables call and data concurrency, ensuring the data connection remains live when a call is received. In addition, an intelligent switch between 5G and 4G networks based on application needs, minimizes power consumption while maintaining user experience.
  • The Rapid Response Engine creates a lag-free gaming experience with multi-peripheral co-existence to avoid any potential interference and ensure Bluetooth/Wi-Fi can transmit simultaneously, without lag, effectively lowering latency.

“Dimensity 1000+ showcases an incredible, flagship-grade user experience for smartphone users globally. The single chip integrates in a suite of world-leading innovations in 5G connectivity and power-efficiency, plus unique display, video and gaming technologies that make it stand out” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit.

MiraVision Picture Quality Engine provides real-time, fine-grained frame adjustments to the dynamic range and details of 4K videos and streams. MiraVision Picture Quality Engine uses a technique to enhance the dynamic range of 4K videos in real time, to upgrade SDR videos and streams to HDR quality.

MediaTek says its Dimensity 1000+ will become a benchmark for flagship-grade user experiences in the 5G era. Multiple devices powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ will be available in the market soon.


Please visit MediaTek website for more information regarding MediaTek Dimensity 1000+5G UltraSave technologiesHyperEngine 2.0 technologies and MiraVision display technologies.–1337849

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2 thoughts on “MediaTek’s 5G-Integrated Dimensity 1000+ for Flagship Smartphones

  1. Looks like a very advanced 5G SoC from MediaTek. But will there be any real market or it? Huawei and Samsung use their own 5G silicon for their own 5G “flagship” smartphones. The Apple 5G smartphone (when announced) will surely use Qualcomm’s SoC. That leaves only the Chinese 5G smartphone makers as customers, which may not produce enough volume for Mediatek to make a decent profit on its new Dimensity 1000+ 5G SoC.

  2. With technologies like the UltraSave and HyperEngine 2.0, Mediatek Dimensity 1000+ is a powerful chipset that ensures the best of uninterrupted performance

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