Credit Suisse: Metaverse to push data usage by 20 times worldwide by 2032

Even moderate usage of metaverse will increase global data usage by 20 times over a decade and firms such as India telcos Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are poised for “suitable benefits” from this surge, as per a Credit Suisse report released on February 17th. However, the Metaverse technology might not be mature till 2030.

“Internet traffic is already 80 percent video and has been growing at a 30 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Our team projects that even modest metaverse usage could drive a further 37 percent CAGR in the next decade to 20x current data usage,” the Credit Suisse report said.

Metaverse enables individuals to immerse in a virtual world through augmented reality and virtual reality. AR and VR are also expected to boom and metaverse has “enormous potential to further expand screen time and drive more bandwidth consumption”, the report added.5G will support the metaverse ecosystem and emergence of “6G” will enhance use cases, Credit Suisse said, adding that the gaming segment is expected to be an early adopter of metaverse.  According to the survey, gaming is in its early stages in India, and mobile gaming is now being pushed by mobile phones as a result of the introduction of inexpensive smartphones and 4G broadband services.

“Mobile internet remains the key medium for Indian users to go online, given relatively low fixed broadband penetration. The share of mobile gaming in online games is expected to increase.”

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are projected to grow because these are the technologies essential for accessing the Metaverse, augmented reality and virtual reality are projected to grow. While 5G services (?) will sustain the Metaverse environment, the introduction of 6G (undefined ?) will expand Metaverse use cases, according to the report.

“Given the low fixed broadband penetration, mobile internet remains the primary way for Indian people to connect to the internet. The proportion of mobile gaming in online games is predicted to grow in the future.”

The report did acknowledge that it is “too early” to determine the impact of metaverse on revenues of Indian telecom companies, but “Airtel (with 17% of revenues from fixed line) and Jio are well placed to benefit from the surge in data usage driven by metaverse in the latter half of this decade”.

The report says fixed broadband penetration in India will increase to 9% in the current fiscal from 6.8% in FY2020, and rise to 12.6% by FY2025 driven by continued demand for data and telcos’ push to improve use of their fiber infrastructure.



One thought on “Credit Suisse: Metaverse to push data usage by 20 times worldwide by 2032

  1. 20x is a huge increase. I wonder how the growth in upstream demand will compare to the downstream? One has to think that a robust upstream path will be more important than ever given the interactivity inherent in the metaverse.

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