Antel launches 5G service in Florida; 320,000 Uruguayans can now connect to 5G

On Friday, July 21st,Antel- Uruguay [1.]  announced the initial deployment of 5G technology in the Florida department of Uruguay (56 miles north of Montevedio).  “We are here to connect Florida with the future. The 5G technology generates opportunities in terms of work, it is the most modern technology that is being deployed in cell phones worldwide”, emphasized president of Antel, Gabriel Gurméndez who was accompanied by the mayor Guillermo López and the vice president of the state company, Pablo Lanz, at the headquarters of the departmental government.

Note 1.  ANTEL (Spanish: Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, lit. ’National Administration of Telecommunications’) is Uruguay’s government-owned telecommunications network operator, founded in 1974 as a separate legal entity after spinning off the telecommunications division of UTE, which had the monopoly of landline telephony since 1931. The company has a monopoly of landline telephony and data services in the country. They also provide mobile phone services (in direct competition with Claro and Movistar) and Internet-related services, being the only provider of ADSL and land-line data services because of the monopoly situation.

Gurméndez expressed that the deployment of this technology will allow the company to maintain its leadership in the cellular telephony sector. “Antel had to bring 5G to the whole country and this is what we are doing,” he added.  Uruguay exports some US$ 1 billion in software development, so having this tool at the service of young people and entrepreneurs makes it possible to triple that figure and generate more jobs.  Gurméndez, highlighted that the company has the need to “attend to what we received as a clamor from the people of the interior, who demanded that Antel correct a situation of inequality and equality, in access to telecommunications services. Therefore, the objective is to focus on investments in the interior, as a priority for this management.

He indicated that “bringing 5G technology to Uruguay is giving the country a tool that allows us to stay on the path of growth and competition.” This technology means “the possibility for Floridians not to have to leave the department in search of other opportunities,” she emphasized.  He concluded that “to continue to be leaders and to be at the forefront in an increasingly competitive world, Antel had to bring 5G to Uruguay.”

Pablo Lanz, expressed his satisfaction at starting 5G technology in the place where he was born, enunciating that this milestone means “more opportunities for young people to stay where they live”, as well as “opportunities for Floridians who work in Florida, live in Florida.”  He added that from the first day, Antel set itself the goal of being “with its eyes on the people and that for us it is a pride to tell you that the Uruguayan company, throughout the national territory, is developing an important investment.”

Mayor Guillermo López expressed his joy at once again receiving the company’s board of directors in Florida, with good news. He thanked Gurméndez and Lanz for addressing the department’s claims and especially for taking decentralization into account and “looking the problem in the eye and providing answers.”

Image Credit:  Antel, Uruguay

Last month, Antel announced the activation of 5G services in Uruguay  The state owned telco said that its 5G offering is provided via spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band.  Antel also noted that in the initial phase, nearly 300,000 customers will have access to 5G in the cities of Montevideo, Colonia, Maldonado and Canelones. In the coming days, the company said its 5G service will be activated in all the capitals of the country’s departments, or state-level geographies.

August 5 2023 Update:

Uruguay’s state-owned telecoms operator, Antel, has significantly expanded its 5G network coverage since commercially launching the service at the end of June 2023.  Antel became the first service provider to offer 5G services in Uruguay. At the end of July, 320,000 Uruguayans who can connect to 5G, according to the telco.

In recent weeks, Antel has expanded 5G coverage to cities, including Paysandu on July 06, Fray Bentos, Young, Rio Negro department on July 07, Artigas on July 13, Salto on July 14, Rocha on July 17, Florida on July 21, Rivera on July 28, Treinta y Tres on July 31 and Melo on August 01.

The 5G network is steadily being launched in each of the country’s 19 departmental capitals. Customers within coverage areas and with a 5G-compatible device will be able to trial the service for 30 days for free.

Antel has stated that it has invested about 4 million dollars in the last three years to reach Melo with 5G. By the end of the year, Antel said it will have 200 places with 5G Technology. The Uruguayan state telco will invest in 5G this year to connect 200 localities, while continuing to invest in 4G.


State-run carrier Antel launches 5G services in Uruguay

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