Nokia and Vodafone Turkey trial 1st Asia-Europe Terabit IP link

Nokia today announced it has successfully completed a trial with Vodafone Turkey, linking Asia and Europe IP traffic in the first intercontinental, single 1T (terabit) clear-channel IP interface.

A milestone in Vodafone Turkey’s ongoing efforts to modernize its IP architecture, this trial comes at a particularly critical time as changing internet patterns from consumers, home workers and businesses continue to push the capacity limits of operators’ networks.

Changing internet traffic patterns from consumers, home workers and businesses are pushing the capacity limits of operators’ networks. As they look to combine gigabit capable fixed and wireless access technologies, the IP networks that carry this broadband traffic need to scale to keep up.

Through Nokia’s 7950 XRS routers powered by Nokia’s FP4 chipset, Vodafone Turkey can now scale up the capacity of its IP network by ten times, enabling the support of next-generation applications and access technologies, simplified operational complexity and cost overhead, SDN control automation, and more.

The trial is part of an ongoing modernization effort to transform Vodafone Turkey’s IP network. Nokia is delivering a multi-access mobile transport architecture that will enable the operator to evolve its transport infrastructure in a changing industry. Nokia’s 7250 IXR interconnect router and FP4-based 7750 Service Router portfolios have already been deployed for the delivery of high capacity, low latency 5G services to Vodafone Turkey’s customers. Nokia’s platforms support the features and protocols that will enable SDN control automation and optimization of applications and use cases.

Thibaud RerolleCTO, at Vodafone Turkeysaid“As we ramp up our delivery of new services, we are committed to providing the best possible quality of experience to our customers. We continue to rely on Nokia to evolve our IP network with industry-leading router innovation and technology to address our needs today and for next generation services.”

Vach KompellaHead of IP Networks Division, Nokia, said: “Today’s IP networks are expected to handle hundreds of new applications and services for millions of users. The 1T trial builds upon Nokia’s advanced routing technology and platforms to future-proof Vodafone Turkey’s IP network, which serves one of the world’s largest intercontinental markets. Together we have successfully validated Nokia’s FP4 based 1T clear channel interface across Asia and Europe.”