Orange Spain & Ericsson to build 5G Infrastructure for 3 High-Speed Rail Lines

Orange Spain secured €71.6 million in contracts to supply 5G coverage across a trio of high speed rail routes, a win it touted hours after Vodafone’s local unit revealed it secured a contract for two other lines.  The deals cover the stretch of lines between Plasencia, Caceres and Badajoz; Granada and Antequera; and Olmedo and Ourense.

In a statement, Orange highlighted it had won two of the three lots tendered by the transport infrastructure entity ADIF. It claimed its proposals for the lots received “the highest score” and its bids topped those from Vodafone.

In partnership with Ericsson, which is also supplying kit for Vodafone’s deployment, Orange will provide and maintain 5G infrastructure across the high speed rail corridors.

Announcing the award of its contracts, ADIF said it was part of attempts to “promote the digitisation and efficiency of the railway system” with the entity committing €117.3 million to deployment of 5G on the network and within its assets.

Alongside advantages for passengers, the organisation hailed 5G as a “critical catalyst in the digitisation of the economy in the coming years”.

Within the rail industry, it pointed to use cases including advanced logistics; real-time traffic management; automated vehicles; predictive maintenance; and improved surveillance in stations and on trains.

Orange says it is the first operator to launch 5G+, a network that consumes 90 percent less energy. Some of the notable sustainability initiatives undertaken by Orange include:

  • 100% Green Energy Consumption: Since 2014, Orange has exclusively relied on green energy sources to power its operations, reinforcing their dedication to environmental responsibility.
  • Device Recycling and Repair Program: Orange has implemented an ambitious program focused on recycling and repairing devices at their points of sale. By extending the lifespan of devices, they actively contribute to reducing electronic waste.
  • Eco-Guidelines for Sustainable Practices: Orange has established eco-guidelines to encourage sustainable actions in their day-to-day operations. These guidelines serve as a roadmap, guiding employees in adopting environmentally friendly practices, even in the smallest gestures.

The ongoing efforts of Orange to promote sustainability demonstrate their commitment to mitigating their environmental impact. By integrating green energy, recycling and repair programs, and fostering sustainable practices, Orange is leading by example in its pursuit of a more sustainable future.


Separately, Orange Belgium has completed its acquisition of a controlling stake in telco operator, VOO SA. The closing of this deal will give Orange Belgium a 75% stake minus 1 share in VOO SA, with the remaining 25% plus one share retained by Nethys.

This transaction values VOO at an enterprise value of €1.8 billion for 100% of the capital. Orange Belgium will finance this transaction through an intra-Group loan.

Xavier Pichon, CEO of Orange Belgium, comments: “For decades, we developed our telecom skills and pioneering spirit to challenge the market, but as from today, we have the industrial power, tech means and commercial scale to accelerate and Lead the Future of the Belgian telco market in the interest of all consumers, employees and society in general.”


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