Google Fiber offers 8 Gig symmetric service in Mesa, AZ; Chandler, AZ next in line

Google Fiber is using its service launch in the Westwood neighborhood of Mesa, Arizona, market to also serve as the initial launch point for its new symmetrical 8 Gbit/s broadband service.  Residential customers in Mesa can sign up for Google Fiber’s 8 Gig service for $150 per month. 8 Gig offers symmetrical uploads and downloads of up to 8 Gbps with a wired connection, along with a Wi-Fi 6 router (which allows for up to 800 mbps over Wi-Fi) and up to two mesh extenders.

The 8-Gig tier, now Google Fiber’s fastest, sells for $150 per month and comes with a Wi-Fi 6 router and two Wi-Fi mesh extenders.  There are three other symmetrical broadband service tiers:

  • 1-Gig: $70 per month
  • 2-Gig: $100 per month
  • 5-Gig: $125 per month

Google Fiber’s debut in the Westwood neighborhood of Mesa arrives about eight months after the city council there approved the buildout. Mesa, the first city in Arizona to get service from Google Fiber, is also being served by primary incumbent providers Cox Communications and Lumen.

Amid the revamp of its network expansion strategy, Google Fiber expects to start construction later this year in Chandler, Arizona, Ashley Church, GM for Google Fiber’s west region, said in a blog post.

As announced last fall, Google Fiber is also in the process of launching new 5-Gig and 8-Gig tiers in additional markets in 2023. Its new 5-Gig service is already available in several Google Fiber markets, including Kansas City, West Des Moines, Iowa, and all the cities it provides service to in Utah.

Google Fiber will start construction later this year in Chandler, AZ. As new segments are completed, we’ll offer service in those neighborhoods. Residents who want to keep up on the construction process or service availability in their area can sign up here.  Google Fiber has also conducted lab tests in Kansas City that produced downstream speeds of 20.2 Gbps.

Here’s an updated snapshot of where Google Fiber currently provides or plans to provide via FTTP or fixed-wireless Webpass services:

Table 1:

Market FTTP or Webpass
Atlanta, Georgia FTTP
Austin, Texas FTTP
Chandler, Arizona FTTP
Charlotte, North Carolina FTTP
Chicago, Illinois Webpass
Council Bluffs, Iowa FTTP
Denver, Colorado Webpass
Des Moines, Iowa FTTP
Huntersville, North Carolina FTTP
Huntsville, Alabama FTTP
Idaho FTTP*
Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri FTTP
Lakewood, Colorado FTTP
Miami, Florida Webpass
Nevada FTTP*
Nashville, Tennessee FTTP
Oakland, California Webpass
Omaha, Nebraska FTTP
Orange County, California FTTP
Provo, Utah FTTP
Salt Lake City, Utah FTTP
San Antonio, Texas FTTP
San Diego, California Webpass
San Francisco, California Webpass
Seattle, Washington Webpass
*Google Fiber FTTP deployments coming to cities yet to be announced.
(Source: Google Fiber and Light Reading research)




One thought on “Google Fiber offers 8 Gig symmetric service in Mesa, AZ; Chandler, AZ next in line

  1. I wish the other greed based ISPs would take a page from Google! The last place I lived had only really bad DSL from Verizon it was $70 a month and unusable it was actually slower than a old 56K dial up connection. The came Blue Ridge with their Ultra High Tech nest of the. Best Fiber (their words at a town meeting ) it was not symmetrical they used the same caps, speed tiers, and pricing as their DOSIS cable service. It was More expensive than Starlink! The BS that came out of the Blue Ridge reps mouth were very misleading they avoided all my questions about the service. The area never had a real ISP or a company in this part of Tioga county Pennsylvania. The fiber was run along the old cable lines of a analog TV only community owned cable service. It could not handle Internet because it was the same system they had in the 80s never upgraded. Blue Ridge really ripped off the old people of that community. IP TV service they forced TV only customers to have a ONT , a mesh router and a Android TV box just for TV service and Charge rent for each device.!!! I wished Google would go through there and put BR in there place!!

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