One thought on “U.S. Launches National Spectrum Strategy and Industry Reacts

  1. At the July 2023 ITU-R WP5D meeting, the Frequency Arrangements SWG was able to achieve consensus on all the open issues in the revision of ITU-R M.1036 Frequency Arrangements for Terrestrial component of IMT (licensed spectrum). The document was approved by ITU-R SG 5 (parent of WP 5D) at its September 2023 meeting.

    “This revision provides frequency arrangements for the bands identified at WRC-19 for the implementation of the terrestrial component of IMT systems and strictly consequential updates to align the text with the decisions adopted at WRC-19 in Article 5 of the RR and related Resolutions, as well as reflect one newly approved document. The revision also adds one frequency arrangement in Section 3 of the Annex based on inputs from administrations.”

    “Scope: This Recommendation provides guidance on the selection of transmitting and receiving frequency arrangements for the terrestrial component of IMT1 systems as well as the arrangements themselves, with a view to assisting administrations on spectrum-related technical issues relevant to the implementation and use of the terrestrial component of IMT in the bands identified in the Radio Regulations (RR)2.
    The frequency arrangements are recommended from the point of view of enabling the most effective and efficient use of the spectrum to deliver IMT services – while minimizing the impact on other systems or services in these bands – and facilitating the growth of IMT systems.”

    Frequency bands addressed in the Annex of this recommendation:

    -Frequency arrangements in the band 450-470 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the 470-960 MHz frequency range
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 1,427-1,518 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 1,710-2,200 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 2,300-2,400 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 2,500-2,690 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the 3,300-3,700 MHz frequency range
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 4,800-4,990 MHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 24.25-27.5 GHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 45.5-47 GHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 47.2-48.2 GHz
    -Frequency arrangements in the band 66-71 GHz

    Note that the U.S. is in ITU-R Region 2 where all of the above frequencies apply for IMT deployments (3G, 4G, 5G).
    “Administrations may deploy IMT systems only in some or parts of the bands identified for IMT in the Radio Regulations.”


    ITU-R Regionally harmonized bands

    Do ITU Radio Regulations Matter?

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