Highlights of 3GPP Stage 1 Workshop on IMT 2030 (6G) Use Cases

This 3GPP May 8-10,2024 workshop held in Rotterdam, Nederlands brought the 3GPP community closer to the initiatives of regional and global research organizations, market partners (MRPs), operators’ associations and the ITU.

The workshop presented the opportunity for different communities to share their views on 6G/IMT2030 Use Cases. Those communities are Operators; Verticals; Regional Alliances and ITU.

The workshop was co-chaired by Mr. Jose Almodovar, SA1 Chair, and by Mr. Puneet Jain, SA Chair. It was supported by ETSI MCC, coordinated by Mr. Alain Sultan.

3GPP WG SA1 now has the task to define the 6G stage 1 requirements to be met by future 3GPP specifications.

Among the more important sessions were:

Day 1: Opening, Operators, Verticals

Speakers: Puneet Jain (Intel), SA Chair and Jose Almodovar (TNO), SA1 Chair


Panel#1: “6G Drivers for Operators”

Moderator: Balazs Bertenyi (Nokia)
Panellists: Scott Migaldi (T-Mobile USA), Eric Hardouin (Orange), Xu Xiaodong (CMCC), Minsoo Na (SK Telecom), Shin-Ichi Isobe (NTT DoCoMo)

Panel#2 :  “6G Drivers for Verticals” 

Moderator: Toon Norp (KPN), former SA1 Chair
Panellists: Maxime Flament (5GAA), Andreas Müller (Bosch), Jordi Gimenez (5G-MAG), Nicolas Chuberre (Thales), Tero Pesonen (TCCA), Bruno Tomas (WBA)


Panel #2

Potential Drivers for 6G include:

•Security. Used in different contexts, both about network security and user data confidentiality (interesting to note that 5G Security is not widely deployed. It requires a 5G SA network few of which are commercially available).

• Maintaining continuity of service and robust security, especially crucial in times of crisis

• Identify all relevant new threat-factors for 6G, and develop mitigation solution (e.g. detection and protection against electromagnetic threats)

• Quantum-safe security mechanisms

• Network-design/performance: network optimization and automation (Intelligent Network management, Network Performance)

• Energy efficiency/saving/ sustainability

• AI-assisted air interface/ Radio Performance

• AI for improving positioning

• Enabling AI at the application level

• AI data management, model distribution for all AI-assisted “smart” areas (cities, industries, surgeries, robot control, manufacturing plant, rescue missions etc.

• AI as a Service (AIaaS)

• To implement a range of media’s personalization and customization (sport TV program, etc)


Panel#4: ITU & 3GPP synergies for 6G

Moderator: Giovanni Romano (Novamint), ITU/3GPP liaison officer
Panellists: Hiroyuki Atarashi (NTT DOCOMO), ITU-R WP 5D Chair, Puneet Jain (3GPP SA Chair – Intel), Peter Schmitt (3GPP CT Chair – Huawei), Wanshi Chen (3GPP RAN Chair – Qualcomm), Jose Almodovar (SA1 Chair – TNO)


Speakers: Puneet Jain (Intel), SA Chair; Jose Almodovar (TNO), SA1 Chair; Alain Sultan (ETSI MCC), SA1 Secretary & 3GPP Work Plan Coordinator






NGMN issues ITU-R framework for IMT-2030 vs ITU-R WP5D Timeline for RIT/SRIT Standardization

IMT-2030 Technical Performance Requirements (TPR) from ITU-R WP5D

Juniper Research: Global 6G Connections to be 290M in 1st 2 years of service, but network interference problem looms large

Draft new ITU-R recommendation (not yet approved): M.[IMT.FRAMEWORK FOR 2030 AND BEYOND]

New ETSI Reports: 1.] Use cases for THz communications & 2.] Frequency bands of interest in the sub-THz and THz range

SK Telecom, DOCOMO, NTT and Nokia develop 6G AI-native air interface

Ericsson and IIT Kharagpur partner for joint research in AI and 6G

SK Telecom, Intel develop low-latency technology for 6G core network

ETSI Integrated Sensing and Communications ISG targets 6G

IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed for developers, researchers and entrepreneurs



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